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Destiny Christian Preschool emphasizes the growth and development of the whole child over five areas of development: Physical, Emotional, Social, Intellectual, and Spiritual. We believe that a child’s play is a child’s work. Children learn how to develop a sense of self as well as how to share and relate with others. Playing with manipulative toys, hearing stories, role playing, listening to music, enjoying outdoor time, and sharing snacks through small and large group instruction enables children to develop critical life skills. Destiny Christian Preschool offers quality education with low class ratios at an incredibly competitive price. Lic#313615892

Policies and Procedures

Wait List Information for the 2018-19 school year 
When you enroll, if the days/times you need are not available, you may choose to place your child on a waiting list. Please complete the entire registration packet and return it to the school office along with a check for the registration fee. We will hold your check and not cash it until a space becomes available and you confirm that you still would like to enroll your child. Students who remain on the waiting list for the current school  year will be given priority registration for the following school year.


Group tours are offered during the school year every first Wednesday of the month at 10am. There is no need to RSVP for a tour, simply arrive at our site and enter the building through the set of preschool double doors located on the very left hand side of the building